Songs and Stories

Keepers Lock

Lock Music KLCD 001 (1997)




1Introduction Trad
2Inland NavigationTrad
3 One May Morning Trad
4Alice WhiteAlan Bell
5 The Vicar's Donkey (Story) Vickers
6Poor Old HorseTrad
7Tom BeacheyDavid Blagrove
8Rosie Cooper Lee
9Push, Boys, PushDudley Canal Tunnel Trust
10The TilburyTrad
11 The Toll Collector (poem) Vickers
12Hard Working BoaterDavid Blagrove
13 The Boatman (poem) Vickers
14Shropshire Union Martin Graebe
15Waterways LamentDavid Blagrove
16Working on the Railway Trad

On this recording Keepers Lock were John Meleady, Ray Bradfield, Sue Lee and Barry Vickers. Previously, the words of songs written by members of Keepers Lock were not been available on this web-site because of their availabilty in songbooks available via the web-site where their recordings can still be purchased. However, the current members of Keepers Lock (Suzie Litton-Wood and John Meleady) have kindly given permission for the song lyrics to be included on this site. My thanks to them.

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